Cities and agents Sheffield Hallam University

Cities and agents Sheffield Hallam University

Concurrently, the same protocols were followed to confirm acute toxicity by gradually increasing the dosage from 600 to 2000 μg kg−1. The experimental procedure was followed as per the Economic Co-operation and Development guidelines. Human cancer cell lines such as A549 , HUH7 , HeLa and MG-63 were maintained in a T75 flask using DMEM (Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium) supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum and 1% penicillin-streptomycin at 37 °C in a CO2 incubator. Cells were trypsinized using 0.25% trypsin–EDTA to seed cells in a 96-well plate for cytotoxicity and anticancer assay. Analytical reagent grade solvents were employed for the synthesis and spectral grade for UV–vis spectroscopy.

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You will be taught by staff who are experts in their field, and you will put your learning into practice in real-world settings, such as through placements, live projects, field trips, or hearing from guest speakers. Dibendu acquired Bachelor of Technology in Safety & Fire Engineering from Toc H Institute of Science & Technology/CUSAT ( ). He further developed his capabilities by working as Industrial Trainee and Graduate Apprentice in Kochi Metro Rail Limited and Hindustan Organic Chemicals Limited, Cochin respectively . Being a safety engineer, his role is to identify any hazards that may occur in an industry, throughout complete processing of the company and to eliminate such hazards, if at all it should arise. It is proactive rather than reactive to prevent any mishaps from happening.

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The NPs and Chi-CD-Pt-fol were mixed together in a 0.5 M NaOH solution. Probe sonication was carried out to obtain the polymer-coated MNPs. To this nitrate aggregate, 5 mL of ethylene diamine solution was added along with distilled water. Then, the blended solution was transferred into a stainless-steel autoclave containing a Teflon case of 100 mL capacity and maintained at 150 °C for 16 hours. The brown color precipitate was separated by centrifuging at the rate of rpm and dried at 80 °C.

In vitro drug release

We also offer scholarships for specific programmes, or through our partnerships. Healthy adult albino mice of both sex, aged 6–8 weeks, and weight 22 ± 5 g were used. They were housed in polypropylene cages at 25 ± 30 °C, a humidity of 60 ± 5%, and a 12 h light/dark cycle. During the experimental time, the mice were provided with a standard pellet diet and water. To evaluate oral toxicity, Dox-loaded nanoparticles were intended through intra-medullary administration with an initial dosage of 300 μg kg−1. The mice were observed for 12 days to check the toxicity by monitoring their mortality.

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