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Girls which have highest Bmi and tend to have before menarche, nevertheless the directionality regarding the relationships stays not sure

Considering the constraints of the mix-sectional framework and the diminished almost every other system measurements and you can biological testing, we were not able to mention changes in essential exposure points that may explain the shift in the OWOB and you will Body mass index score.

Still, particular point of views regarding your increased Bmi among girls hunt connected to imagine. Earliest, the adolescents in this research have been confronted by the newest being obese epidemic both pre-, peri- and postnatally and you may have been produced ahead of (1986) as well as the top (2001) of a period of increasing birthweights when you look at the Norway . A top birthweight are synchronised which have a heightened chance having afterwards overweight [37, 38], yet not that have main adiposity or pounds mass per se [39, 40]. The latest crossing regarding percentiles from inside the months from delivery to adiposity rebound at 5–6 yrs .